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jiwoo - Aston


jiwoo - Aston

Title: jiwoo - Aston
Album: Maison - EP
Genre: Kpop
Size: 3.75MB
Views: 125
Type : Audio / Mpeg
Bitrate : 192 KBPS
Author: jiwoo

Published on 2019-07-09

Lirik Lagu jiwoo - Aston
Jiwoo - Aston
May this road be the cure
All along I never found
How to stand myself

May the wind drown the world
As I roll your windows down
Only time will tell

Highway, take me higher than the sun
Anywhere but here

Highway, till the morning comes undone
Don’t forget your prayers

Aston, we’re off
I know it’s late, but hear me out, they’re catching up
You’re the only one, won’t you follow me away tonight

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